IV Sedation and Why You Need It | Suwanee Dentist

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Do you have a terrible gag reflex preventing you from visiting your dentist regularly? You aren’t alone. A lot of people deal with dental anxiety, sensitive gag reflex or just general fear of the dentist. But worry not, dental visits have changed quite a bit to address these anxieties. Offices will provide various forms of creature comforts to their patients in order to turn your checkup into more of a spa experience. For those that are a bit more skittish, there is sleep dentistry.

Sleep dentistry includes IV sedation, and IV sedation is used to help relax and put patients at ease during a dental procedure. The following list includes a couple benefits of IV sedation:

  • IV sedations kick as soon as it’s administered, and the drug dosage can be tailored to fit the patient’s specific requirements.
  • A safe maximum level of sedation can be reached with IV sedation, as where with oral or inhalation sedation the results can be unreliable. IV sedation is both highly reliable and highly effective.
  • With IV sedation your gag reflex is likely to lessen in sensitivity. If minimizing the gag reflex is the main objective, your dentist may try inhalation sedation first.
  • You are still conscious with IV sedation making it much safer that general anesthesia.
  • Your recovery time after IV sedation is usually shorter than if you did oral sedation, mostly due to the controlled drug dosage you are given.

Now that you can rest assured that your dental visit will go along swimmingly, maybe you can quit dodging the dentist and come in for a checkup on a regular basis. Your oral health is intricate to your overall health – keep up with your checkups.

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