Cavity Prevention: A Parent’s Guide to Halloween | Suwanee Dentist

As we prepare to embark on another Halloween jaunt for candy, it is important to not only stay safe in general, but to keep your smile safe at the same time. And to not spoil the spookiest time of year for your little ones, here are some Halloween tips to keeping your little monster’s teeth happy while keeping their smiles away from becoming spooky sights:

Choose wisely. There are lots of candy options on the Halloween circuit, but not all of them are bad for your smile. It is important to know what to look for and keep those to an absolute minimum. Candy corn may be a Halloween staple, but it is one of the worst Halloween candies for your teeth because of the high amount of sugar. Chewy and sticky candies, like caramel or gummies, can get stuck in the crevices of your teeth, making it easy for cavities to form.

Set limits. As parents, it is important to be able to set limits. No one wants to play ‘bad cop’ but having an abundance of sweets is never going to be good for your tiny humans, so set some guidelines. Have them choose the candy they want and remove the rest, set certain times of day they can have their treat, not snacking all day. Having guidelines doesn’t need to spoil the party.

Time to brush. As you indulge in those Halloween sweets, make sure to give your teeth a quick brushing afterwards. And if you don’t have a toothbrush handy, give your teeth a quick rinse until you get home to help prevent cavities. In fact, if you have little ones, make this a family affair. Crank on the tune “Monster Mash” and brush your teeth together!

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