Should You Whiten Your Teeth at Home? | Suwanee Dentist

Because your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, it’s important that you have one that puts your best foot forward. Unfortunately, for many of us, having pearly whites is a figurative term. And so, we begin our search for the whitest teeth possible.

White teeth aren’t the only ingredients of a bright and radiant smile, but it’s a main component so, let’s talk about whitening treatments.

Generally, there are two types of teeth whitening treatments – home tooth whitening systems and in-office teeth whitening. Even without the prescription or the supervision of a dentist, anyone can use over-the-counter teeth whitening products. The most common are paint-on tooth gel, mouth trays, whitening gum and toothpaste, as well as whitening strips.

Less popular compared to DIY tooth whitening systems, in-office teeth whitening is the preferred whitening method by most dental professionals. This is because these types of treatment are just much more effective and safer too.

There are various ways dentists can professionally whiten your teeth, but what’s widely accepted as the most effective is the use of a buffer in the gel, which protects the tooth enamel from any kind of damage. The use of such a gel makes the procedure not only safe, but also very effective and has been known to transform teeth many shades lighter in just a single visit.

With your cosmetic dentist’s help and proper oral care, as well as the use of dentist recommended home whitening products, not only will you have whiter and better-looking teeth, but they’ll also be much healthier too.

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