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It’s sparkly and regal. Some of the coolest people get to wear a crown. Official crowns may be hard to come by for the average joe, but dental crowns are for everyone. Unfortunately, it really isn’t an honor. Dental crowns are dental restorations that are placed over teeth to restore the strength and structure. So, how do you know if you need a dental crown? If your tooth is in danger of breaking a dental crown procedure may be the right solution for you.

A breaking or damaged tooth indicates that there is a significant amount of decay that causes the tooth to become frail. In order to restore your tooth to its natural strength, a dental crown will be used to improve the longevity and durability of your tooth. Discoloration on the tooth also indicates that you may need a dental crown. This can easily be solved with a dental crown that will not only improve your oral health but give you a confident and radiant smile.

Need more? Here are some more benefits:

Undergoing a cosmetic dental crown procedure can improve the look of broken or cracked teeth. If you are suffering from a loss of teeth, dental crowns are the solution to replace any missing teeth.

Dental crowns look extremely natural because the porcelain and composite resin crowns match the exact shade of your natural teeth.

Dental crowns are stain-resistant because they are made from porcelain, a material not prone to discoloration.

With durable materials used for your dental crowns, dental crowns can last up to 15 years.

Dental crowns also drastically decrease the amount of bacteria build-up that can lead to the loss of more teeth.

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