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Cosmetic Bonding

Before - Fractured tooth Before: Fractured tooth
After - Repaired with composite bonding After: Repaired with composite bonding
Before - Fractured tooth Before: Fractured tooth
After - Repaired with composite bonding After: Repaired with composite bonding

Porcelain Crowns

Before - Short decayed upper front teeth Before: Short decayed upper front teeth
After - Cosmetic gum reshaping & all ceramic crowns After: Cosmetic gum reshaping & all-ceramic crowns
Before - Short, stained, worn upper teeth Before: Short, stained, worn upper teeth
After - All ceramic upper crowns to restore bite After: All ceramic upper crowns to restore bite
Before - Decayed and stained upper front teeth Before: Decayed and stained upper front teeth
After - Beautiful and white porcelain crowns After: Beautiful and white porcelain crowns
Before - Short, uneven teeth with overbite Before: Short, uneven teeth with overbite
After - Complete upper smile makeover After: Complete upper smile makeover
Complete Smile Makeover included orthodontics (braces), jaw surgery, gingivectomy (gum reshaping), and esthetic all-ceramic crowns
Before - Dark tetracycline stained teeth Before: Dark tetracycline stained teeth
After - Beautiful smile with all ceramic crowns After: Beautiful smile with all-ceramic crowns
Before - Short, stained upper teeth with decay Before: Short, stained upper teeth with decay
After - Complete smile makeover After: Complete smile makeover

Porcelain Veneers

Before - Stained, chipped and uneven upper teeth Before: Stained, chipped and uneven upper teeth
After - Beautiful white all-ceramic upper veneers After: Beautiful white all-ceramic upper veneers
Before - Uneven, misaligned upper teeth Before: Uneven, misaligned upper teeth
After - Beautiful white teeth with porcelain veneers After: Beautiful white teeth with porcelain veneers
Before - Recessed and chipped upper front teeth Before: Recessed and chipped upper front teeth
After - New smile with cosmetic contouring & veneers After: New smile with cosmetic contouring & veneers
Before Before
After After
Before - Stained, uneven upper teeth Before: Stained, uneven upper teeth
After - Bright new smile with porcelain veneers After: Bright new smile with porcelain veneers

Dental Implants

Before - Multiple decayed Teeth Before: Multiple decayed teeth
After - Smile restored by Implant Supported Denture After: Smile restored by implant supported denture

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