The “How-To” Guide of Flossing in Suwanee, GA

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Would you pause for a while and grab that little dispenser that you haven’t opened yet for so long? You might think that flossing is a tedious activity, but it’s important. Think about it as a weapon that fights off clingy plaques in your teeth, because according to the Academy of General Dentistry, it is!

Flossing does more than just cleaning and polishing. By eliminating food particles in between the teeth and gums, bad breath and cavities can be prevented. When this routine is practiced daily, there is a big chance for the teeth to last for a lifetime. Moreover, flossing can also help halt gum disease from worsening.

For some, lack of time is one of their primary reason why flossing is not at all included in their oral care regimen. However, we at Artistic Smiles of GA highly recommends the use of floss at least once daily to get excellent results.


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How to Choose the Right Floss?

Choosing the right floss may be challenging as there is a wide variety of choices made available in the market today, from waxed to flavored to high tech flossers. Whichever you pick, all offer the same function – cleaning the teeth by removing plaque and other harmful substances. Here are the different characteristics of flosses.

  • Those who have bridgework and widely spaced teeth might benefit from a dental tape or wide floss.
  • People who have closely spaced teeth might opt for a waxed floss as it is easier to glide.
  • Unwaxed floss is best for those who already have clean teeth.
  • There are two kinds of unwaxed floss; regular or bonded. Although both unwaxed options do not easily wear or fray, it does tear more compared to waxed floss.

Our dentists at Artistic Smiles of GA can give suggestions on which floss may work best for you. But after all, you always have the final say.

Flossing, nevertheless, is not a substitute for brushing and regular visits to the dentist. To achieve a healthier mouth, teeth, and gums, invest in Cleanings and Prevention services with us at Artistic Smiles of GA.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Cleanings & Prevention services in Suwanee, GA. Book your appointment with us at Artistic Smiles of GA and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth!