Fixed Bridges in Suwanee, GA: Facts You Need to Know

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Dental bridges are a combination of restorative practices and cosmetic dentistry. For aesthetics, the treatment is useful in filling in the gaps caused by missing teeth. Tooth loss affects the facial structure, but with the help of dental bridges, the youthful look of a person can be restored. People investing in dental bridges can enjoy up to 10 to 15 years of benefits.

At Artistic Smiles of GA, we made it possible for patients to replace missing teeth excellently through the use of dental bridges. Compared to removable dentures, fixed bridges provide a secure and comfortable solution. Other benefits of bridges include increasing the person’s chewing capability, promoting the proper positioning of the teeth, and reducing the risks of bone loss or periodontal disease.


Senior patient at the dentist


Facts About Fixed Bridges

Here are some of the significant things regarding dental bridges:

  • Dental bridges are also called fixed bridges because they cannot be detached from the mouth, unlike dentures.
  • For the placement of bridges, the dental professional will first prepare the supporting structures. The existing teeth will be covered by dental crowns that are responsible for holding the bridge. After trimming the teeth that are situated on either side of the gap, the dentist will then take an impression and send it to an off-site laboratory. Once the creation of fixed bridges is complete, the dental professional will now place the device to the affected site using an oral cement.
  • Teeth sensitivity is more likely to be felt by the person after dental bridges are bonded, especially when exposed to hot or cold substances. However, this side effect is only temporary.
  • A local anesthetic is used during the paring of the teeth to make the patient feel more comfortable while having the treatment.
  • The functionality of fixed bridges is superb. Like the natural teeth, the person can eat and speak efficiently.
  • The material used to fabricate dental bridges is porcelain, so people can relax to the fact that they will be able to embrace the newly restored smile for long years.


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