Dentures in Suwanee, GA: Tips in Keeping Them in Shape

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Replacing lost teeth with dentures does not only start and end there. It is imperative for the patient to observe proper practices not only to keep their restorative appliance in good condition but their oral health as well. People who are wearing a full denture should know that despite having no teeth, brushing, flossing, and rinsing are still as important as before. Other oral structures like the gums and jaws should be kept healthy to ensure the full functionality and aesthetics of the dentures.

To help our patients at Artistic Smiles of GA be on the right track in keeping their oral appliance and health in good condition, here are some simple tips we prepared.


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Denture Care Tips

Do not skip a brushing session

Patients should know that it is still possible for plaque to accumulate and food debris to get stuck on the dental restoration. That is why the traditional method to get rid of these harmful deposits is necessary. But to make sure it is done right, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean the prosthesis effectively without causing it harm.

Take precautions

If a partial denture is used, it is possible that it can be small enough to fit the drain of the sink. To avoid this, make sure to close the drain or clean the prosthesis over a towel. When it comes to a full denture, filling the sink with water and also using a cloth prevents its possibility of being broken.

Do not use toothpaste

Although it plays a vital part in cleaning real teeth, toothpaste can actually cause dentures more harm than good. The oral product can contain ingredients that are harsh for the material used for the prosthesis. Instead, using a dishwashing or hand soap would suffice.

Keep the appliance moist

Patients are advised to soak their dentures in water or a special solution when sleeping. Doing so is like hitting two birds with one stone—not only is the appliance kept in shape, but the oral structures of the patient are also given a chance to rest.

Follow the dentist’s instruction

Take note of the dentist’s tips like the ideal wear time of dentures, denture cleaners to use, and proper maintenance. It is also necessary to schedule follow up visits as advised so that they can monitor both the appliance and the state of the overall oral health.

Performing all these tips can help patients get more years of smiles since they are sure to secure the longevity of their dental restoration.


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